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more in the space weed series I need to know


scully: *sees mulder, his face swollen and cut and his shirt tattered* mulder what happened to you!

mulder: they’re on to us scully. there are people very high up in the united states military who will stop at nothing until they find out

scully: “find out”? you mean if aliens smoke weed? mulder, we can’t narc on them. it isn’t right

mulder: i would rather die than snitch

scully: i pray we never have to make that choice

mulder: you dont believe in god

scully: the truth is out there

"Gaming culture was never anything but this weird, insular, xenophobic ghetto built around very toxic notions of masculinity and persecution complex. Games marketed at boys promoted and reinforced this hyper-machismo image, and gamers were seeking to embody it and so it went in an endless self-reinforcing circle. It is no accident that teenagers scream homophobic and gender slurs into their head-sets or brag about “raping” the opposing team in Call of Duty. It’s no accident that video game related message boards basically invented the “tits or gtfo” greeting. It is no accident that Anita Sarkesian could post feminist critiques of SF films, TV shows and novels without much harassment but the moment she started talking about video games, she instantly got death and rape threats. Because this community was not built around tolerance, acceptance of criticism or diversity. It was a fortress of solitude built by man-children to protect their toys from evil mainstream activists."
Communist fortune cookie

Communist fortune cookie


Zhang Enli (Chinese, b. 1965), Untitled, 2007. Ol on canvas, 148 x 148.5 cm.


Zhang Enli (Chinese, b. 1965), Untitled, 2007. Ol on canvas, 148 x 148.5 cm.

weird US history: former head of state Jimmy Carter was known to have spent the latter years of his presidency in the companionship of a rabbit-like demonoid imp or familiar dubbed “Spanky” with whom he would commune in the nighttime. ex first lady Rosalynn Carter made reference to the situation in her controversial 2006 autobiography: “Around ‘79 he [Jimmy Carter] had taken up this unusual habit of leaving the grounds late into the night, around 2:00-3:00am, in a completely and total fervor, and come back a mess early in the morning with twigs and mud and blood on his body…”




Carter fishing with his familiar, Spanky


more quick ish working out krita + ways of drawing spaces stuff. colours are weird and exciting. 


Pencil on paper, 2013 - Jun Cen

Original artwork for the animated short film Mutual Tunnels